Highchairs are great. Except when you don’t have one. That’s where the award-winning Totseat comes in. It safely anchors a tot (around 8-30 months) in almost any adult chair, like an instant highchair. Totseat can even be shortened or extended to fit chairs of varying heights, and its detachable cummerbund provides optional support on open backed chairs.

Totseat is made of robust poly-cotton, so is fully washable, and comes in a range of funky fabric designs. It squashes into a bag and is really easy to use. Totseat's materials are sourced ethically, approved to Oeko-tex 100 Standard which pose no risk to health.

英國出品的 Totseat, 能瞬間將普通椅子變成一張十分安全實用的 BB highchair,它提供一個舒適又安全的空間給 BB 進食,繪畫,或進行一些靜態活動。無論平日帶BB上街, 探親友, 去旅行, 到任何一處沒有BB座椅的地方, Totseat 都能派上用場! Totseat 還附有多一條椅背帶,給有些椅背下段是打開的椅子, 以及於需要時提供額外承托。

Totseat 的布料堅固, 是唯一通過一套專為測試有害物質的化驗方法和標準, 名為「環保紡織標準100」("Oeko-Tex Standard 100"), 用以測試紡織品和成衣影響人體健康的性質。標準內包括了化驗對人體健康構成不良影響的已知有害物質。