Designed by American designer Patrick Calello - Automoblox is a series of classic wooden car toys fused with edgy modern design, a building block system that allows kids to create their own car styles, and for grown ups as collectibles.

Automoblox allows children to experience beneficial play with activities that provide limitless joy, imagination, and creativity. We do this by offering a high quality building system that will delight and inspire children while fostering the development of important skills and learning foundations.

There are plenty of building and assembly toys on the market that include instructions and illustrations to help children build the product that is pictured on the box. With Automoblox, kids play “outside the box” - assembling the unique designs pictured in their own mind’s eye.

“I want to teach kids to think in 3D” - Patrick Calello

Dream. Build. Drive. - Every child is an individual with a unique sense of creativity and style. The creation of something new and unique - born of a child’s imagination - is the idea behind Automoblox.

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