Fabulous, fantastic, fabric friends - the perfect friend for girls and boys!

Oobicoo friends are designed to wear outgrown baby clothes, enourage re-cycling and re-use; dexterity, through dressing up; and communication, through role play.  Each doll is the same size as a six month old baby @ 60cm tall.

Oobicoo dolls are made with love and care, each one is hand sewn, so they all look slightly different - just as people do. Their filling is 100% recycled (plastic bottles which have been turned into soft, huggable stuff) and their skin is recycleable.

Every Oobicoo sold is raising money for the Children’s Immunology Fund (CIF) in the UK for sick children and supporting their silbings and families. We in HK care too and will make a donation of $10 to Save the Children for every Oobicoo sold.


Oobicoo 玩偶設計成一個六個月大寶寶的真實體型一樣大小,小孩子可透過替它們穿自己小時候穿過的舊衣服,明白應珍惜資源的概念;也可透過照顧寶寶角色扮演的過程,培養出小孩子的同理心。玩耍時更能夠訓練小朋友的肢體靈活性、協調能力,以及鼓勵他們從角色扮演中學習。

忠於環保概念,每個 Oobicoo 也包裹於一個好玩特別又可循環再用的布兜內, 鼓勵衣服循環再用, 而且所有用料都是循環或可循環再用的布料。每個售出的玩偶,將有港幣十元捐贈 國際救助兒童會。

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